More DiSCoBio Testimonials

We strive to give our students a true research experience in computational and systems biology. We also use a tiered mentoring framework where the students have the opportunity to interact with peers from all levels of the university environment (professors, research associates, postdoctoral scholars, Ph.D. students, undergraduate researchers).

When asked what they enjoyed about the program, students wrote:

“I feel that the program is fun, interesting, and an overall enriching experience. I feel better prepared for college and research as a result of this program.”

“It gave me insight on how research is done, how to present effectively, and how my research environment and my peers affect me. It validated that I want to go into research again.”

“Simply put, it was fun and educational. It boosts your college applications, provides you real research experience, brings together good new friends, and gives you insight on new ideas and concepts you’d never learn about in school.”

“I felt that the most important thing I learned this summer was what it was like in a research environment, and whether or not this is a career path I would like to pursue.”

“Cancer is much more complicated than I believed. Computational biology is actually a useful tool in research. I learned how important cellular signaling and proteins are in drug discovery and disease.”

“I learned a lot about graduate school, as well as what the life of a researcher is really like.”

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